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5 Amazing Ways to Use an AirTag



Apple AirTags are little, coin-sized trackers that use the Find My network. This implies that as long as a new iPhone model is available, the location of your AirTag will be updated on the map. Given the iPhone’s global popularity, AirTags and Find My Devices are the most powerful trackers of this type available.

AirTags are typically attached to keys, wallets, and handbags. However, there are various inventive ways to use Apple’s tracker, and we’ve listed five of them below.

1. Collars for pets
For when your pets go missing.

Apple did not create AirTags to track pets. According to the manufacturer, they were designed to locate personal items. Nonetheless, they’re reliable for tracking your dog’s or cat’s position. These trackers have an IP67 classification, making them water- and dust-proof. This implies that your pets’ AirTags should continue to function correctly even if they get muddy, unclean, or damp. It also means that you can safely shower them while wearing the tracker.

There are several stories on the internet about AirTags assisting people in finding their missing pets, and I used to attach one to each of my dogs’ collars until we had to part ways.

2. To keep track of your children
It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Another great application for AirTags is tracking your children. An AirTag could help you find your missing child if something goes wrong when you’re traveling, walking down a public street, or sending them to preschool. You may put it in one of their pockets or, if they wear one, in their backpack. However, depending on your child’s age, you may want to carefully conceal it to ensure that it is totally out of their sight or reach. You don’t want them tampering with it or trying to consume it.

3. When sending important objects
Packages are sometimes lost by shipping providers.



We’ve undoubtedly all heard horror stories about missing or stolen deliveries. While some goods may be insured, certain products are priceless, and trying to receive helpful answers from customer service when a delivery is lost can be exhausting. As a result, affixing an AirTag to the boxed object is not a bad idea. You may also communicate the AirTag’s current location with the recipient so that you are both aware of its location. If something goes wrong during the shipment, you may locate the package and know which transfer unit it was left in.

When the delivery comes, the other recipient can remove the battery to maintain its power until they need to return anything to you. Alternatively, you could detach it from your Apple ID so that they could couple it with theirs and track their possessions.

4. When traveling, 
Customers may confirm that their luggage arrived safely.

Another useful application for the AirTag is luggage tracking. At airports, luggage-related mistakes are common. Bags are sometimes left behind, while other times they are delivered to the wrong location. Leaving an AirTag in your suitcase can help you confirm that your bag made it aboard the plane or arrived at its destination. When you get to the destination airport, you may even rely on Precise Finding to identify it on the baggage carousel.

5. As a vehicle anti-theft measure
Many people have used AirTags to recover stolen vehicles.

We’ve heard of people using AirTags to find lost automobiles, trucks, or bikes. While thieves can scan the vehicle and detect a hidden AirTag, it is possible that many of them will not think of it. It’s a good idea to hide one somewhere that isn’t immediately accessible or apparent. If your automobile is stolen, you will need to hunt it down immediately because the AirTag will soon start generating sounds that will alert the burglar to its presence. If they have an iPhone, iOS will very likely tell them that an AirTag is following them.


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Things to Know about the AI-Powered Samsung Galaxy S24 Series




Explore a realm of endless possibilities with the newly launched Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24, now available for purchase. Empowered by Galaxy AI1, these devices redefine our phone interactions, offering innovative ways to create, connect, and beyond. Starting the journey, the Samsung Care team highlights seven key features that make the AI-powered Samsung Galaxy S24 Series a game-changer.

Here are standout things you need to know about the AI-powered Samsung Galaxy S24 Series.

1. Enhance your S24 performance with the enhanced Galaxy AI experience.

The Galaxy S24 series is infused with artificial intelligence (AI), enriching every aspect of your smartphone experience. Packed with AI capabilities, your S24 is geared to elevate your Galaxy experience and boost productivity. With Galaxy AI, you can seamlessly keep pace with the speed of life, even when faced with a multitude of tasks and limited time.

2. Experience faster information retrieval with “Circle to Search” on the Galaxy S24

The pioneering phone to introduce this intuitive, gesture-driven feature. With a simple circle gesture, explore new dimensions of discovery. No more frantic searching—when something catches your eye, circle it, and ta-da access Google Search results instantly. Get answers in a flash without leaving your feed, making information retrieval swift and seamless.

3. Elevate your photography with the “Generative Edit” feature on the Galaxy S24. After capturing a photo, harness the power of Generative Edit to effortlessly turn ordinary images into photographic masterpieces with just a few taps. This innovative Galaxy AI editing tool enables easy adjustments like erasing, recomposing, and remastering. Capture a great shot, then enhance it with Generative Edit to take your photos to the next level.

4. Find the right words fast with “Chat Assist” on the Galaxy S24.

Receive real-time tone suggestions to enhance the professionalism or conversational flow of your writing. With AI integrated into the Samsung Keyboard, effortlessly translate and communicate with friends and family in various languages—real-time translation is available in 13 languages. Carry on your conversations confidently, seamlessly bridging language barriers with ease on the Galaxy S24.

5. Overcome language barriers during calls with “Live Translate” on the Galaxy S24.

Whether making reservations while traveling abroad, this feature in your Phone app provides near-real-time voice translations. Enjoy two-way, real-time voice and text translations during phone calls, eliminating awkward lost-in-translation moments and enhancing communication on your Galaxy S24.

6. Note smarter, not harder, with “Note Assist” on the Samsung Galaxy S24.

Revolutionize your note-taking and organization in Samsung Notes with AI-generated summaries, streamlined templates, and cover creation for easy preview and retrieval. Additionally, Note Assist goes the extra mile by offering translation capabilities for your notes. Let the Galaxy S24’s Note Assist handle the heavy lifting of everyday tasks, making your note-taking experience more efficient and convenient.

7. Effortlessly transfer data and settings with “Smart Switch” to seamlessly set up your new Galaxy S24.

Once you’ve acquired your Samsung Galaxy S24, the setup process becomes a breeze. Smart Switch ensures that all your content from your previous phone, including photos, contacts, calendar events, notes, apps, themes, device settings, and more, stays with you during the transition to the Galaxy S24.

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Maximize AirPods Battery: 5 Tips for Longevity




Improving the battery life of your AirPods is crucial for uninterrupted usage. Here are the steps outlined:

Quick Steps:

Check your AirPods’ battery level:

  • Use your iPhone’s lock screen.
  • Ask Siri about the battery level.
  • Set up a battery widget on your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Check battery life in the iPhone’s Settings when connected.


Turn on Optimized Charging:

  • Open iPhone’s Settings.
  • Open your AirPods case.
  • Scroll down to Optimized Charging and ensure it’s turned on (green).

Turn off noise cancellation features:

Open Settings and press [your name] AirPods.

Under Noise Control, switch off active noise cancellation.

Optionally, turn off adaptive transparency.

Lower the volume:

  • Adjust volume settings to a more ambient level.
  • High volume settings drain the battery faster.

Charge one AirPod at a time:

  • For longer usage during calls or podcasts, charge one AirPod at a time.
  • Five minutes of charging equals one hour of listening time.

Final Thoughts:

  • Apple’s AirPods have evolved since their launch in 2016.
  • Implement the tips as needed for better battery life.
  • Being aware of these tips ensures you can use them when required.

Remember to periodically check your AirPods’ battery health and adjust your usage patterns accordingly to maximize their lifespan.

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Tips & Tricks

A Guide to Organizing Your Gadgets and Cables




In a world filled with evolving technology, keeping our homes clutter-free from gadgets and cables can be a daunting task. As a seasoned gadget reviewer, here are some tips to help you declutter and organize your tech:

1. Declutter the Cable Chaos

Start by tackling the notorious box of random cables. Untangle and sort them into matching piles. Use cable ties or rubber bands to roll them up neatly, and place them in labeled containers. Follow a simple rule: if you don’t know what it is, it’s time to let it go.

2. Organize Boxes, Manuals, and Accessories

Keep the original boxes of your gadgets, complete with manuals and accessories. If space is tight, break down the boxes and label the contents. Take photos of QR codes and important information to easily locate them later.

3. Backup and Wipe Old Gadgets

Before stowing away old gadgets, back up any data you might want to keep. Wipe the devices clean to ensure your privacy is protected. This step is crucial for future use or passing them on to others.

4. Categorize and Store

Categorize your gadgets and sort them into designated zones. Group similar gadgets together and consider using sealable plastic tubs for protection. Label boxes with inventories to quickly identify their contents.

5. Just Get Rid of It

Don’t forget to check less obvious spaces like under your TV or in kitchen cupboards for unused gadgets. Decluttering can be therapeutic, and the act of letting go of items you no longer use can free up valuable space. Sell or donate old gadgets responsibly.

By following these steps, you can achieve a more organized and streamlined tech space, making it easier to locate what you need when you need it. Happy decluttering!

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