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Reviews Policy

ibeGadgetReview accepts devices, software, and accessories for review. To submit a product for consideration send an email to

We maintain full editorial control over our reviews. This includes determining which products to review and which stories to publish on our website, YouTube, and social media channels.

Submitting a device for review does not guarantee one. There are many considerations that affect this including but not limited to our editorial calendar, relevance, and available resources.

Some companies will let us review unreleased products under an embargo, in these cases we will not publish the review until the agreed-upon date and time.  

We usually keep loaner units for no more than 60 days after which they are returned. Some exceptions may apply subject to internal arrangements with tech vendors and/or their PR agencies.

We aim to provide fair and truthful reviews in the interest of helping users find the right devices to match their lifestyles. We believe that one size doesn’t fit all and that different users may need different devices. We aim to represent these different preferences in our reviews.

Occasionally we will give a device the ibeGadgetReview Seal of Approval when we come across a product that the entire team can confidently and unanimously recommend to others.  

ibeGadgetReview does not sell reviews. We work with brands and help them tell stories about their products, but our opinions are always our own. If you’d like to work with us on a campaign, you can send an email to