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homeshadows Attendance Simulator – DIY Home Security System That Casts Shadows on Curtains or Walls to Deter burglars Before They Try to Break in – Security Light for Home Safety – Apartment Security



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Product Description

Man with dog in front of a fireplaceMan with dog in front of a fireplace

Enjoy the feeling of safety

Preventive protection of your home with the innovative presence simulation from HOMESHADOWS

Product Benefits

Burglar observing window with shadow castsBurglar observing window with shadow casts

pictures show results using and not using homeshadowspictures show results using and not using homeshadows

pictures demonstrate power saving and easy operationpictures demonstrate power saving and easy operation

House showing light and casted shadowsHouse showing light and casted shadows

LED Technology deters burglars with shadow casts

Computer-generated algorithms create random and perfect shadow effects on curtains or walls to simulate presence, adding an extra layer of security to your home.

If something moves in the house, intruders intuitively assume that someone is at home.

Burglars look for easy targets to avoid risks and will stay away from inhabited houses or apartments.

Prevention protects from damages

Deterring burglars before they even try to break in, saves a lot of time, costs and troubles.

HOMESHADOWS convincingly imitates the presence of a fully occupied home, discouraging criminals from targeting your house.

Easy Operation and Low Power Consumption

We paid special attention to the operation so that HOMESHADOWS remains simple yet flexible.

No programming is necessary. You also save on installations. Simply place it in the right location, turn it on and deter burglars.

Shadow casts are generated by 60 powerful and energy-saving high-performance LEDs. We have paid attention to efficiency during development as HOMESHADOWS should protect daily. The consumption is low and comparable to a 10W LED lamp.

Additional presence even when you are at home

Even if you are at home, you can simulate additional presence in unused rooms, fooling burglars into thinking that the house is more lived-in.

Elderly and single people have a unique opportunity to make the house look much more inhabited, deter burglars and thus feel safer.


Away from home for a period of time and you’d like an extra sense of security? This simulating security light uses light movement technology to simulate motion and give the illusion that someone is in the home.

Burglars prefer houses and apartments that they can clear out undisturbed. They want to go unnoticed and therefore avoid inhabited houses. Presence simulations with light have proven themselves very well, but also lost effect over time, as light controls via the smart home are already commonly known.

With the HOMESHADOWS attendance simulator, you now also have the opportunity to simulate not only static light scenes but also shadow movements. If an observer sees shadow movements, no matter what shape, he will intuitively assume that someone is at home. Instead of the controlled lamp, simply connect HOMESHADOWS to make burglars unsafe and deter them.

Computer-generated algorithms provide new motion variants of the economical but strong LED light. Sometimes even two shadows are simulated at the same time to simulate interactions and reflections on objects. Homeshadows turns on completely independently at dusk as a light sensor is built-in.

Even if you are at home, you can also simulate presence in unused rooms to make the house look more inhabited. Older and single people have a unique way to simulate even more presence to feel safer.

HOMESHADOWS has been designed for continuous operation – so you can go shopping or go on holiday with peace of mind while burglars will prefer to avoid your house.

Applications and Prerequisites

Window with shadow castWindow with shadow cast

Window shadow casts without curtainWindow shadow casts without curtain

Shadows Casts on window with blindsShadows Casts on window with blinds

Windows with curtains

You can achieve the best deterrent effect with translucent but opaque curtains.

The shadows are visible through the curtain from a long distance and will deter very early.

Please take care that the light source itself is not visible from the outside. Windows on the 1st floor are best for this purpose.

Windows or doors without curtains

For windows or doors without curtains, point HOMESHADOWS at a wall that can be seen from the outside.

The shadows can be seen on the interior walls. This method deters a little later than the one with curtain, because the shadows can be seen only inside.

Please make sure that the light source itself is not visible from the outside. Windows on the 1st floor are best for this purpose.

Windows with external blinds

You can also use large and wide shades to deter burglars.

Whether or not this works depends mainly on the nature of the blinds. It’s best to always check yourself if you can see the shade from the outside without spotting the light source.

As always, a window on the 1st floor is best, as you certainly won’t see the light source then.

Setup Example

Picture with homeshadows setup examplesPicture with homeshadows setup examples

You have the following operating options:

Power Adapter directly plugged into the socket – In AUTO mode, HOMESHADOWS activates itself as soon as the light sensor on the back of the device detects darkness. After that, the simulation will run for adjustable 1-10 hours or stop earlier once sensor detects light again. Please make sure that the sensor gets enough light to detect the day and night cycles. If the device does not turn on in AUTO mode again, then the light sensor might not detect enough light intensity variation between day and night cycles. In that case, we recommend using external timers as described below.Operation with external timer – Use a simple or smart timer to set individual simulation times. In ON mode, HOMESHADOWS will be active whenever the external timer turns on. In this mode, you could even have HOMESHADOWS controlled by your smart home to simulate at your desired times.

Pictures showing setup with and without curtainPictures showing setup with and without curtain

Where should I place HOMESHADOWS?

First choose windows or doors that can be easily seen from the outside

The sooner burglars see light and shadow movement, the higher the chance that they will look for another target. Prefer windows on upper floors, as shadows can then be seen without the light source itself. Curtains show shadow casts very well because they hang close to the window and can be seen from almost any direction.

Now place HOMESHADOWS in such a way that light and shadows can be seen through windows or doors from the outside

If the window has translucent but opaque curtains, point HOMESHADOWS directly at that curtain. Otherwise, point it at a wall that can be seen from the outside.


HS2Pro comes with an IR-remote control to customize settings like brightness, speed of shadow movements, pauses between simulations and the simulation duration. For details please download our „User Manual“ and have a look at chapter “Customizing the simulation behavior”. You will find the link below the “Product Information” in chapter “Product guides and documents”.

As long as the ventilation slots are not covered, you can place HOMESHADOWS anywhere. If you want the light sensor to automatically turn the unit on in the dark, then the sensor must be able to detect day and night. So there must be enough light reaching the sensor at the back of the device.

The device has been designed to cast shadows on curtains, blinds or walls and is not intended for room lighting due to its construction.


Power Adapter 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz, Output 15VDC, 0.8A, USA/CA plug type A Power typical 10W, max 12W Main LEDs 60 warm-white high-performance LEDs, approx. 2700 K Status LEDs 10 blue power-saving LEDs Beam angle approx. 110° horizontally and vertically Luminous flux approx. 1000 lm Operation For indoor use only, Desinged for continous use, Not intended for room lighting due to its construction to cast shadows on curtains or walls Ambient temperature -4 F (-20°C) to 104 F (+40°C) Distance from curtains, blinds <=157 inch (4 m) for optimal lighting Distance to objects >=4 inch (10 cm) rear and above the device in AUTO mode to allow the light sensor to detect the day/night cycles. In ON mode, the distances need not be kept. Product Dimension 6.1 x 2.4 x 3.1 inch / 154 x 60 x 78.7 mm Product Weight approx. 6.5 oz (184 g) without Power Adapter Package Dimension 9.8 x 3.2 x 6.3 inch / 250 x 80 x 160 mm Package Weight approx. 16 oz (452 g)

[Intruder deterrent]: More than a static light, as it simulates direct presence with moving shadows
[Preventive protection]: Works before burglary attempts can cause damage to the house
[Random shadow casts]: Computer controlled algorithms ensure random shadow movements, adjustable from 1-10hours
[Vacation light]: This Burglary Deterrent makes your home look more lived-in
[No installation]: Works out of the box / Simple one switch operation / No app necessary / Portable
[Maintenance free / no fees]: No maintenance costs or monthly fees


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