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Cozeemax 3 Tier Electric Food Steamer for Cooking, 13.7QT Vegetable Steamer for Fast Simultaneous Cooking, Veggie Steamer, Food Steam Cooker, 60 Minute Timer, BPA Free Baskets, 800W(White)



Price: $39.99
(as of May 12, 2024 01:40:47 UTC – Details)

Product Description



Two Steps to Perfect Meal Preps

1. Add water

Fill the reservoir to the maximum (1L) with fresh cold water, please not over the MAX line. This will give you up to 60 minutes steaming.

2.Simply prepare your food, place it in the steamer, set a timer and it’ll beep once your dish is ready to serve.

The basket handles are marked 1, 2, and 3. Fit basket 1 on top of the tray, then put food in the basket. Fit basket 2 on top of basket 1, then put food in basket 2. Fit basket 3 on top of 2 and put food in that one.

Juices from the upper basket run into the compartments below, so be wary of placing a strong flavoured dish, like salmon, at the top. We’d advise putting fish and meat at the bottom, potatoes or veggies in the middle and rice at the top.

Although some people like to add stock to the water if cooking rice, seasoning, marinades etc. should be added to the food itself, not to the water.

food steamerfood steamer

food steamerfood steamer

food steamerfood steamer

Nutritious, Versatile and Convenient

With this easy to use steamer, you will not only save on time but also be eating healthier every time you use it! All you need to do is place all the foods into it,turn it on and then wait for it to be done!

Drip Tray Design

The drip tray under steaming basket collect water waste to prevent steam drips or sauces to protect heating elements.

Space Saving Design

Collapsible tiers for easy and compact storage, is easy to store away and features a stylish body which will look great in your home.

food steamerfood steamer

A balanced diet with plenty of veggies is important and surprisingly achievable with the right tools. Our food steamer can be trusted to perfectly steam cook your grub without any help or assistance. They’re not just for vegetables, though. With three tiered food steamers, you can cook meat, fish, rice, dumplings or potatoes all in one go. You can also prepare different dishes simultaneously for those with special dietary needs. This means less time fussing over the hob and more time spent relaxing.

It’s common knowledge that when done correctly, steaming food is the healthiest way to prepare your meal since it locks in all the goodness without losing its flavour, texture or moisture. There’s no need to use cooking oils, which keeps your fat intake down, and it’s near impossible to burn or overcook your food.

【Multi-purpose for Foods, Perfect for Weekly Meal Preps】Food steam cooker allow you to cook a wide range of foods simultaneously, ideal for steaming rice, vegetables, meat and fish, which provides one of the healthiest ways to cook, minimize the loss of nutrients and vitamins. It is also suitable for heating small towels.
【Large Capacity But Take The Least Space】13.7QT large capacity electric steamer with 3 tier separate food steamer,it can steam varied foods simultanrously. But the stackable trays can save space, easy to store on countertop, cabinets or pantry, best for your kitchen.
【 Safe & Humanization Design】With anti-dry protection, you can safe cooking. While the 0-60 minute timer lets you set the perfect cooking time. The side inlets and external level indicator make topping up water supply easy. Thermostable healthy material, BPA-Free.
【Easy to Clean & Detachable】The steam baskets is installable and detachable, easy to clean, juice accumulating plate to prevent dripping. Requiring no oil and giving off no smoke, steaming your food leaves very little mess to clean up after you have finished.


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