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2023 Upgrade 2.0″ with the Smart Watch (Answer/Make Call),Smartwatch for Women Men, Fitness Tracker with Multi Sport Modes, IP68 Waterproof, Step Calorie Counter, Sleep/Heart Rate Monitoring Watches




Price: $29.99
(as of Mar 17, 2024 14:10:40 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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2023 New upgraded 2.0” Big Smart Watch

android smartwatchandroid smartwatch

Make your own stylish smartwatch

express your style easily, as our smart watch offers multiple customizable watches faces for both men and women, allowing you to create your own stylish and personalized look.

Smart Watch for Android CompatibleSmart Watch for Android Compatible

Enjoy the convenience of life brought by smart watches anytime anywhere

AI VoIce Built-in: Talk to Voice Assistant (If you are using an Apple phone, please say ‘hey, siri’ to the smartwatch. You can call out the AI assistant on the smartwatch. If you are using a Samsung phone, please say ‘hey, Bixby’ to the smartphone. For other smartphones, please call the name of the dedicated voice assistant for the other phone) ask questions, check the weather, and more by speaking to watch.Bluetooth Call Smartwatch: Make and receive calls directly from the watchCustomize & Larger Screen: Customize with a 2.0″ HD Screen

More durable. Larger display. Faster charging.And powerful features, like 24 Hours Real Time Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen and 120+ Sports Modes. A healthier you is in sight.

Bring you a more intelligent experience.

activity trackers and smartwatchesactivity trackers and smartwatches

Professional Fitness Analysis

Embrace a world of outdoor activities with PJYUBVOR Smartwatch’s versatile 100+ sports modes, catering to every fitness aspiration, from invigorating hikes to long-distance runs and challenging mountain climbs. Tuit your various exercise styles, supporting both indoor and outdoor workouts. And the smartwatch tracks your sleep and keeps track of your body health data to help you better understand your health. With this running watch, you can have a healthier and more active life.

fitness watchfitness watch

24-Hours Health-Guard

Sleep Quality Analysis: Monitors and estimates your sleep status and offers a detailed sleep analysis with continuous recording of your sleep patterns.Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitoring: You can measure your blood oxygen saturation anytime and receive valuable insights into your overall physical condition.24-Hour heart rate monitoring: Track your heart rate rhythm and know your health condition with accurate real-time heart rate monitoring.Blood pressure monitor: The DaFit app can help you better understand how your blood pressure level trends during a day, a week, a month, or even yearly.

Understanding how your lifestyle impacts your heart health facilitates focused dialogue with your doctor and access to real-time heart health coaching.

Warm Tips: The blood pressure&blood oxygen&heart rate&sleep monitoring data of this smartwatch are for reference only and cannot be used for medical purposes. If you need medical help, please contact a professional doctor.

smart watch for iphone compatiblesmart watch for iphone compatible

Multiple Practical Auxiliary Functions in Life

fitness tracker smartwatchfitness tracker smartwatch

How to Connect the Smart Watch

Here are a few helpful suggestions for your consideration:

1. The smartwatch is not compatible with a PC or tablet.2. The smartwatch has no built-in GPS, connect it to your mobile phone to record sports routes.3. Sleep monitoring only records more than 3 hours of sleep.4. The operating temperature of the watch is 32°F-140°F.5. The data of the smartwatch cannot be used for medical purposes, it’s for reference only.

Why Choose Our Smartwatch?

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, stylish, and creative multiple smartwatch and fitness tracker, don’t miss us, we have everything you need for everyday use. It has a variety of functions to meet all your needs, allowing you to experience the convenience and beauty of intelligent life anytime & anywhere. your personal assistant and health butler, with smart reminders, so you don’t miss important calls and messages. Real-time monitoring tracks your heart rate, sleep, blood pressure, blood oxygen, etc when you are active, steps, calories, distance when you exercise, etc. Data recording and analysis allow you to focus on health management for a healthier body and a better life.

【Convenient Make/Answer Call】After connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, you can enjoy convenient communication functions anytime, anywhere, including Make/Answer calls. This feature not only improves work efficiency but also adds more convenience to your daily life. You no longer need to take out your phone frequently as you can easily check messages on your watch, stay in touch while exercising or driving, and never miss important information.
【Powerful All-Day Health Care】 Activity tracker can monitor the user’s health status around the clock, including heart rate, blood oxygen, and other indicators. Additionally, The fitness tracker has up to 100 sports modes and uses the built-in AI algorithm to generate detailed health reports. it can monitor the user’s exercise, heart rate, blood oxygen, and other indicators in real-time, and record sleep data, Menstruation to provide a full understanding of the user’s physical condition.
【More Than Just Counting Steps】smart watches for men including timing reminders, and alarm clock reminders to help develop regular living habits. Smartwatch calls and text also supports a variety of reminder methods, including vibration, sound and screen display. The alarm clock reminder function can help users maintain good sleep habits, and the timer reminder function can help users manage time effectively, and help maintain an appropriate exercise time during the fitness process.
【Long Battery Life】Low power chip energy saving and high efficiency, combined with intelligent power saving algorithm, can meet the business trip, travel long endurance demand; 280mah under full charge, standby for 1 month, light use for 14 days, deep use for 7 days, heavy use for 5 days. Support Android 5.0 & IOS 9.0 and above systems, only for smartphones.


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