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TAPWITHUS TapXR – Wrist Worn Keyboard, AirMouse & Controller for VR, AR, MR, Tablets, PC, Laptops, Smartwatch, Smartphones, TVs & Projectors

Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $199.00.


Price: $299.00 - $199.00
(as of May 12, 2024 08:23:50 UTC – Details)

Product Description

TapXRTapXR A WRISTBAND THAT REPLACES Your Keyboard, Mouse & Handheld Controllers

TapXR was designed to help humans interact with their entire digital world.

Create art with TapXR

Tablet Art

Design Faster & More Comfortably

Switch tools, layers, colors & sizes. Activate triggers and macros with simple finger taps.

Video Creation & Editing With TapXR

Video Capture

Create Video Content Faster & Easier

Break free from having to touch your screen and being limited by countdown timers.

Produce Music with TapXR

Music Production

In The Studio Or On Stage

Trigger sounds, loops, lights or special effects by tapping your fingers on anything, anywhere.

Game and Stream with TapXR

Gaming & Streaming

Trigger Anything With An Invisible Keyboard

Customize TapXR and trigger complex key-binds with simple finger taps.

TapXR for Quest 3 VR

VR & AR Typing

Type & Text With Ease

Get more out of your VR headset, type comfortably without getting frustrated.

1 Tablet Art 2 Video Capture 3 Music Production 4 Gaming & Streaming 5 VR & AR Typing

Design Faster & More Comfortably on your Tablet!

Switch tools, layers, colors & sizes. Activate triggers and macros with simple finger taps.

Get Tapping

Module Assembly

Easily Change Between Tap Bands

Attach the module to the band aligning the white dots Slide the module forward to activate your TapXRRetract the module backwards to deactivate your TapXRRest the module (with or without the band) on the cradle to charge

How To Wear

Ergonomic First

Wear TapXR on your arm like an upside down watch Align the band’s opening with the center of your handMake sure the eye piece has clear line of sight to your finger tips

How To Tap

Tactile & Strain Free

Tapping is a calm and easy finger operationYou can tap on any surface – hard or softYou can tap in any hand orientation

Technical Specification

Battery Life 10 hour active, 14 day standby Hand Tracking 6 DOF IMU Finger Tracking Speed 10 gestures/second Charging time 2 hours Charging Magnetic Charging Cable Included Haptic Feedback Unit 1 XR Compatibility Meta Quest, MS Hololens, MS Mixed Reality, Magic Leap, Lenovo, Xreal, Pico, HTC Vive, Epson Moverio, Vuzix, Realwear Laptop & PC Compatibility Windows 8+, Mac OSX Yosemite+, Linux, ChromeOS Smartphone Compatibility iOS 10+, Android 4.2+ Tablet Compatibility Windows, iPadOS, Android Support 24/5 Email, Chat & Phone Support Bluetooth BLE 5.0+

Included Tap Mobile Applications TapManagerTapManager TapManager

Control Tap SettingsUpdate FirmwareLoad Custom MapsiOS & Android TapGeniusTapGenius TapGenius

Learn The Tap AlphabetLearn To Use The AirMouseStart Tapping In MinutesiOS & Android TapAcademyTapAcademy TapAcademy

Become A Tapping Expert Through 10m / Day DrillsRapidly Improve Your Tapping WPM SpeedCompete For The Fastest Tapper RecordiOS & Android TapAloudTapAloud TapAloud

The VoiceOver, Audible Version of TapGeniusLearn The Tap AlphabetPractice TappingiOS

How many TapXR units do I need? One on each hand?

No, all you need is a single Tap. You can however use two Taps and pair them to a single device.

What size wrist will the TapXR fit?

The TapXR is made of a flexible material that accommodates virtually all wrist sizes. The large fits wrists with a circumference of 16cm (6.25 inches) or more, and the small fits on wrists that are smaller than 16cm (6.25 inches).

What devices can I use TapXR with?

You can use TapXR with any device that supports keyboard and mouse input via Bluetooth 4.0+ connectivity. This includes laptops, tablets, cellphones, SmartTVs, AR/VR headsets and desktop computers.

Is the TapXR a projected keyboard?

No, the TapXR registers which fingers you are tapping and sends the associated commands to a device over Bluetooth. There is no projected keyboard and commands are not positionally based.

How do I learn the TapXR alphabet?

We have two learning apps to master the Tap Alphabet: TapGenius and TapManager. It takes approximately one to two hours of play to learn the Tap alphabet using either method.

Get started in minutes – Learn tapping on the go with our proprietary suite of mobile apps.
Enjoy 2 Modes of operation – Keyboard & AirMouse.
Tap on any surface, hard or soft.
When tapping, every finger combination will correspond to a keystroke or command.
100% Customizable – you can easily remap each finger combination to any keybind, hotkey, string or macro.
Compatible with all major operating systems


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