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Retro Gadgets Vintage Landline Phone PopSockets Standard PopGrip



Price: $12.09
(as of Mar 16,2024 12:47:50 UTC – Details)

Introducing the Retro Gadgets: Landline Phone Vintage from the Retro Series by Timeless Wonders. This unique print captures the nostalgia of the times when communication took place with a more tangible touch. Capturing the classic landline phone with its rotating numerical bezel, this print is a journey into memories of unhurried conversations and laughter with your phone resting on your ear. Rediscover the art of dialing numbers with your finger and enjoy a dip into the past every time you wear our ‘Retro Gadgets: Landline’.
It is a tale woven over time, conveying the nostalgia for long calls and the beauty of a time when every conversation was a precious moment.
Adhesive backing attaches the PopGrip to your case or device. Will not stick to silicone, leather, waterproof, or highly textured cases. Works best with smooth, hard, plastic cases.
Not compatible with wireless charging
Printed top is swappable with other compatible PopGrip models. Just press flat, turn 90 degrees until you hear a click and remove to swap.


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