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Plum Flipper 4G LTE Unlocked Flip Phone ATT Tmobile Speed Talk 2022 Model – Blue




Price: $99.00 - $66.09
(as of Dec 28,2023 14:45:35 UTC – Details)

Plum Flipper is a 4G VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) latest Technology Factory Unlocked phone. Compatible with ATT, Tmobile, Speed Talk, Consumer Cellular, Mint, Ting, Walmart Family Mobile. Not Compatible with Verizon / Boost It is also equipped with camera, flash light, FM Radio, loud speaker for handsfree calls, MP3 player, Bluetooth, Alarm, Facebook app and internet access. It comes with a 1000 mAh Battery that will last you all day of use or 4-5 days of stand-by includes a handsfree cable, charger, USB cable and a quick also includes 1 Year US Warranty and a life time tech support from our US Base tech team. Comes ready out of the box. Remove the activated nano size sim card from your old phone install it into your new Plum Flipper 4G phone. ALL SET. Easy to Setup and easy to use. Big Display, Easy Menu, Big Keypad, External Display with indicator for missed calls, messages or Voice mail. The external display also shows time, date battery meter, signal etc so you have access to all important information without opening the flip.
Comes Ready out of the Box, remove the sim from your old phone, insert into this phone. All set. Sim card must be the Nano size (the smallest size)
Includes, 1000 mAh Battery, Charger, Cable, Quick Guide
Requires a Nano size activated sim card (sim card is provided by your service provider and is not included with the phone)


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