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Automatic Soap Dispenser Wall Mount Foaming Touchless Electric Sensor Soap Dispenser Rechargeable Smart Hand Free Foam Auto Dish Soap Lotion Dispenser for Kitchen Bathroom Commercia



Price: $27.99
(as of May 12, 2024 00:24:26 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Automatic Soap Dispenser —— Better Than You Can Imagine


Our sink is always piled with all kinds of bottles and jars, while the wall space is being wasted. Wall-mounted automatic soap dispensers make perfect use of your wall space and add more smart experience to your bathroom / kitchen.


Full Screen Display —— What Are The Functions?

Clock function—large numbers, 12-hour system.Temperature function——default Fahrenheit at power on, you can switch to Celsius if needed, we provide 2 options.Gear adjustment——we provide 3 gears to choose from, the first-0.6 seconds, the second-1 second, the third-1.5 seconds. Each gear corresponds to a different amount of bubbles, you can adjust according to their needs.Low liquid reminder function——if the liquid in the container is less than 10%, the corresponding icon will be marked red, this time you need to add.Charging reminder function——soap dispenser almost out of power, the battery icon will turn red and flashing. This time you need to charge, fully charged when the battery icon is always blue.The human body sensor function——on the default open, its role is to light up the screen when you pass by, this time you can notice the time and temperature, while learning whether the soap dispenser needs to be charged or replenished soap.


Interaction Is The Soul Of Intelligent Products

The human sensor function is the feature of our soap dispenser, it gives the product soul, when you pass by it, it will automatically light up the screen, as if to say to you, hi, come over and wash your hands! It also seems to be saying to you, what time is it, you should go to bed! It can also be the temperature to remind you that you need to wear a little more clothes today. Technology makes life more convenient, but we hope it can also be thoughtful and warm.

Warm tips:

Open the body sensor function will be more power consumption, which is nothing, all products with electricity, power consumption is different because of the different functions.If you don’t need this function, you can turn it off by pressing the knob 3 times continuously in the power on state.If you need to turn it back on after turning it off, again, press the knob 3 times in a row under the power on state to turn it on.


Automatic Cleaning Function——No Need To Worry About Clogging

Here again, it should be reminded that the soap needs to be diluted with 3 times water before it is poured in, otherwise it will lead to clogging problems. If you do encounter one, try to use our automatic cleaning function to unclog it. Just press the knob 3 times in a row when the power is off.


The latest Upgraded Water Tank Structure——No More Leakage!

There are many water tanks of wall mounted soap dispensers placed horizontally, which may cause some problems of leakage or blockage with use. The water tank structure of our soap dispenser is placed vertically. The change of the structure can avoid the leakage of the product and reduce the blockage better. As long as the liquid is added and diluted according to the proportion, there is generally no problem.


500ml / 17oz Large Capacity——How To Properly Add Soap?

Foaming soap

You can just pour it in, it’s very easy.

Ordinary Gel/ liquid soap

You need to add 3 times the amount of water to dilute it before pouring it in.

Solid soap

Cannot be used!

【MORE THAN A SOAP DISPENSER】The full screen display we customize for you with a 12-hour clock function, and the default Fahrenheit degree for power on. These 2 features have surprised many users and we are sure you will like it too.
【500ML/17OZ LARGE CAPACITY DESIGN】Foam type soap can be poured in directly, ordinary gel/liquid soap needs to be diluted with 3 times water before pouring in. When the liquid is below 10%, that liquid icon on the screen will turn red.
【2000 CAPACITY LAST LONGER】After our laboratory test, a charge only takes 2-3 hours, and a charge can be used for up to 60 days. If you turn on the body sensor function, will be relatively more power consumption, which is nothing, all appliances are different because of the function of power consumption.During use, the waterproof rubber plug of the USB charging port should be closed to prevent machine failure caused by splashing water.
【1 YEAR FREE EXCHANGE SERVICE】If our products have any quality problems, within 1 year we will replace them for you free of charge. If you have any questions in use can also contact us at any time through Amazon, we will answer and deal with you within 24 hours.


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